Chamber of Commerce
The Lorenzo Chamber of Commerce was
organized in August 1987

The Lorenzo Chamber of Commerce Mission Statement:


The mission of the Lorenzo Chamber of Commerce is to promote business and the community.


The Vision:
Our Vision is to be recognized as a responsible organization, providing significant value to its membership and the community by serving as the focal point for business and community development through a program of work.
How to Join the Chamber:
 - Manager   Russell Mason-Vice President
Charles Cate-President   Lester Bownds
JoAnn Curbo   D'Ann Schoepf-Treasurer
James Lively   Rick Evans
Rhonda Cypert   Suzanne McGuire - Secretary

Phone number and mailing address for Lorenzo Chamber of Commerce...


Lorenzo Chamber of Commerce
Lorenzo, Texas 79343





E-mail  cityadmin@cityoflorenzo.org

Since its formation in 1987, the Lorenzo Chamber of Commerce has had an ongoing project to "beautify" downtown Lorenzo. As soon as one project is completed we set our sites on another. Our current project involves placing brick planters around the oak trees that line our main street "Harrison Avenue."

The brick planter project along with some of our other projects are described below.

 Brick Planters & Oak Trees




Downtown Lorenzo  was down right barren, without a tree, until 1988, when the Lorenzo Chamber of Commerce working with the State of Texas, and the City of Lorenzo planted oak trees down both the east and west side of Harrison Avenue.

Since the sites for the location of the trees were on the state highway right-of-way the first step in the plan to plant the trees was to get approval from the state. The first round was a loss. The proposal was turned down. But Charlotte Gibbs, Johnnie Canter, and Ronnie Smith didn't give up. They worked diligently with Mr. Woody, an employee of the Texas Highway Department, in Lubbock to arrive at a suitable resolution to allow the planting to the trees on the highway's right-of-way.

The Chamber of Commerce's drive to raise the money to purchase the trees was very successful thanks to the very generous donations from the citizens of Lorenzo. A total of twenty-six oak trees each costing $100 were planted.

After the planting, it took several years for the trees to establish themselves. But now, these graceful oak trees are now doing very well and growing rapidly. They greatly enhancing the appearance of the downtown area. We are no longer the city with out a single, solitary tree in our business district.

Now the chamber and the City of Lorenzo are working to install brick planters around the some of the oak trees. There are currently eleven planters in place and there are another nine to be bricked. The chamber continues to work on completing this project. 


  Welcome Sign


The Lorenzo Chamber of Commerce most recently project was a sign. It is located on the west side of Harrison Avenue one block north of highway 62-82 it has a granite rock face red brick columns and there is a circular flower bed in front of the sign. And as the signs says, "Welcome to Lorenzo."






 Mural on South Wall of old Higginbotham Bartlett building 


The chamber with the generous donations from the citizens of Lorenzo raised the money to have murals painted on buildings in the downtown area of Lorenzo. There are two murals. One is on the south wall of the old "Higginbotham Bartlett Building" now the Department of Human Resources and it can be seen from highway 62-82.

It shows several men hard at work unloading merchandise from the train that use to be just south of the building. The is also an image of the legendary "rock and roll" singer, Buddy Holly standing just inside the building leaning on his guitar.


  Christmas Decorations
In the fall of 2001 the Lorenzo Chamber of Commerce provided ten new light pole decorations to the City of Lorenzo to replace some of the Christmas decorations that were broken or unusable. The 8 foot high metal Christmas trees mount on to the light poles that line Harrison Avenue.

The metal frames for these trees were donated by Lorenzo Mfg. Co., Inc. All of the garland and Chirstmas lights that were added to the frames were paid for by the Chamber and the board members of the Lorenzo Chamber of Commerce donated their time and labor to complete the decorations. The new decorations have added new gaity and sparkle to downtown Lorenzo during the holiday season.

 Flag Poles


 Welcome to Lorenzo Brick Planter

 Park flag pole


A flag pole was installed by the Chamber at the Bicentennial Park on the corner of 5th street and Tyler Avenue. Also another flag pole was erected in the spring of 2002. It is positioned behind the "Welcome to Lorenzo" sign on west side of Harrison Avenue one block north of highway 62-82.

Improvements to the Bicentennial Park


 Lorenzo Bicentennial Park

Over the years the Lorenzo Chamber of Commerce has had several projects designed to add to the beauty of the City's Bicentennial Park located on the corner of 5th and Tyler Avenue. Some of these projects have been the gazebo with its memorial bricks, the BBQ grills, the benches and the tables.